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At the OTTC, it's about you. 

We offer top level training for anyone interested in learning table tennis or improving their skills no matter the level. Let us help you choose a program that is suited to your needs.
Children's Groups
At the Ottawa Table Tennis Club, we believe that in this day and age of electronic distractions, social issues and other challenges, there is a place for kids to get active, learn a fun sport, play with others and learn new skills in a fun environment.

We focus on encouragement, giving drills to improve coordination, balance, focus and build teamwork.
More information about our Children's Group Training Program.
Youth Groups
Teens and young adults need focus, exercise and social interaction.

At the Ottawa Table Tennis Club, we strive to give them the opportunity to learn great skills and feel good about themselves and build self-confidence. We encourage exploring in-house tournament play and going to out-of-town tournaments. You may be surprised to learn that they've found a place where they can feel comfortable, have fun and truly enjoy what they're doing.
More information about our Youth Group Training Program.
Women's Groups
Table tennis is one of the few sports where men and women can participate equally. We encourage this by offering a program where women can learn basic to advanced strokes and footwork while receiving positive encouragement,  correction and praise.

More information about our Women's Group Training Programs.