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Since opening in 2017, The Ottawa Table Tennis Club has been the go-to destination for players and enthusiasts looking for a place to play table tennis with your schedule in mind. Since we are a full time club and open days, evenings and weekends, it affords plenty of opportunities to hit the ball with a friend or fellow club member, or practice to get ready for league or tournament play.

We make it easy for you to purchase Open Practice Session passes, reserve play times, buy play time packages and find a practice partner (should you need one), all from your home using our online portal

Daytime drop-ins can also check out our schedule and book on our on-line portal with a friend, where you can try out our facilities and hit the ball as you wish. 
Open Practice
An Open Practice Session is unstructured block of time for players to simply come in and hit the ball with a friend or if you don't have a partner, we can help you find one. You also have the option of coming on Find a Partner night, where the OTTC guarantees a partner - it could be someone else who does not have a partner or the Club Attendant can hit with you.

Open Practice Sessions can be booked online though OTTC's Booking Portal.

Match Practice
Match Practice are match games that take place on weekends based on your level. There is an Intermediate Group, Advanced B Group or Advanced A Group (the highest level players). The top two players of any group move up to the next level the following week. Similarly, the two last placed players move down a level, thereby challenging the participants.
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