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OTTC members are encouraged to participate in tournaments that take place outside our area, as it is important to experience playing different players and styles of play to help you improve and broaden your game. 
Out-of-Town competitions can be sanctioned or unsanctioned tournaments depending on the host organization.
Quebec Circuit (Circuit Québécois Ping Pong Dépôt), Montreal
The OTTC regularly travels to Montreal to participate in the Quebec Circuit (Circuit Québécois Ping Pong Dépôt) in Montreal which is a sanctioned tournament. This is a large tournament which takes place each month from September to April in which there are many participants from kids to retirees. Players compete against other players of similar level.

The OTTC makes announcements for this tournament through What's App groups, email, Newsletter and word-of-mouth. If you are an unrated player, we can help provide you with an approximate rating so that you can be placed with players of a similar level. We strongly encourage all of our players including our youngest players and those involved in our training programs to take in these experiences and enjoy the thrill of travelling and participating at different venues. Participating in these tournaments also provides a means of meeting and playing with those from other clubs, boosts confidence and broadens horizons.
Tournaments in the Toronto area
The more adventurous players also have an opportunity to attend both sanctioned and unsanctioned tournaments int the Toronto area. Announcement for these tournaments are also made through What's App groups, email, Newsletter and word-of-mouth.
Recent Competitions
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