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Play Anytime!

Play 7 days a week!*

What you do...
  • Get to play for 2 hours*
  • Opportunity to play daytime, evenings and weekend depending on options below
  • Bring a pair of indoor non-marking shoes
  • Book through our self-serve portal
  • Have a partner lined up to play
  • Have fun!
What we do...
  • Provide quality DHS 2-star balls
  • Provide ball picker-uppers
  • Provide you with a racket if required
  • Provide high quality professional tables and nets
  • Offer a convenient self-serve buy and booking system
Ottawa Table Tennis Club players enjoying a friendly match
Play Anytime

With Open Practice Passes, you can play during the day, on evenings and weekends too! That's anytime and our most convenient option! 

  1. Buy your 'Open Practice Passes'

  2. Book in advance on-line on our Booking Portal (link below) to secure your play time

Use Open Practice Passes
Open Practice Passes
$15.00 per person for Non-Member Passes
$10.00 per person as Guest of a Member Passes
$6.85 per pass for a family member - member price
$7.85 per pass for a 1 to 5 pass package - member price
$6.85 per pass for a 10 pass package - best member price value

*plus hst
Answers to Common Questions...
What if I want to improve my play. Can I get a few lessons?

The short answer is Yes! We would be happy to arrange for you to take a couple of lessons, just to see if it's something you. For more than a couple of lessons, or if you would like to join one of our Training Groups, you would need to be a Member of the club.  Check out our Become a Member page for more information.

What if I want to play in matches, be more competitive, join a league or even take some training?

No problem... Check out our Become a Member page for more information about what the benefits of being a member are...

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