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Most recent in-house competitions
The OTTC provides several opportunities for year-round in-house competitive play, monthly tournaments, as well as seasonal league competition.
National Capital Region Table Tennis League (NCRTTL) - our in-house league

The NCRTTL is sanctioned match play which runs from September to end of May; participating teams follow a double round robin format. 

More information about joining the National Capital Region Table Tennis League (NCRTTL).
Group Practice Matches

Group Practice Matches are unsanctioned match play which takes place on weekends and is divided into three catagories; Intermediate, Advanced Level B and Advanced Level A and open to all players.

More information about joining in Weekend Group Practice Matches.
Monthly Daytime Tournament

OTTC's Monthly Daytime Tournament generally takes place on the last Friday of each month, is a sanctioned tournament and is open to players up to a 500 point rating - as rated by Table Tennis Canada (TTCAN).

More information about participating in our Monthly Daytime Tournament.
The OTTC hosts Ontario Table Tennis Association (OTTA) Tournaments 

We also regularly host Seasonal Tournaments which are announced through What's App, eNewsletter and email.  Please be aware that OTTA tournaments are sanctioned table tennis tournaments and participants must hold a valide OTTA Membership in order to complete.

Learn More about obtaining or renewing your OTTA Membership!

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