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Daytime Group & General Group Training
Some members of the Ottawa Table Tennis Club OTTC Daytime Group
The Daytime Group is one of the oldest and most consistent training groups at the club! It is catered towards individuals who are either retired or have flexible work schedules.
We believe that there is no age limit to working towards becoming a great Table Tennis player! Irrespective of age, the Daytime Group is structured to accommodate individual and collective goals.

The coach’s goal is to identify the needs of each player and introduce techniques that would suit them best. The group is catered towards developing the ability to execute complex strokes and movements.

Through these sessions, participants will be trained on the fundamental skills of the sport, as well asked to strategize and think tactically.
The Daytime group is divided into two categories: Learn to Play, and Intermediate Group Training.
Learn to Play is a great place to start as some members are introduced to the sport for the first time and others get reacquainted with the sport after years. Either way, the group promotes members to socialize and work together to learn basic Table Tennis skills. Over time, the coach’s aim is to slowly work towards shifting good players from beginner to intermediate groups.


Learn to Play Group Training is scheduled for Tuesday and Sunday 90 - 120 minutes


Schedule and Pricing

Tuesday  1:00 PM - 3:00 PM 

Sunday    9:00AM - 10:30 AM

Each session is $20.00 plus hst

Intermediate Group training is more challenging as the exercises are shaped keeping in mind that the members take one step further in their journey to become well-rounded Table Tennis players. This group is also shaped for members who wish to play competitions. Participants are encouraged to play tournaments as it is a great avenue to assess one’s progress. It also gives the coaches a chance to analyze their strokes and movements through a closer lens. The skills introduced in this group focus on three areas: technique, tactics and movements. The aim is to ensure that each member of the group understands the concept behind the drills and share feedback with the coach about their progress.


Intermediate Group Training is scheduled for Monday and Wednesday.


Schedule and Cost

Monday  10:00 AM - 12:00 PM 

Wednesday 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM 

Each session is $20.00 plus hst

The benefit of joining the Daytime Group Training is that it allows members to become a part of a structured training program, and assess their progress by playing the Daytime Monthly Tournament that takes place in the last week of each month.

To help us better serve your training needs, don't hesitate to fill in our Coaching Request form.
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