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Women's Group
Ottawa Table Tennis Club OTTC Women's Group
One of the most pertinent tasks at hand is to increase women’s participation at the Ottawa Table Tennis Club. Keeping that in mind, the women’s group is a great place to meet new people, unwind after a long week, and come together to learn Table Tennis!
Women’s participation in all spheres of life such as work and household responsibilities leaves very little room to prioritize recreational activities. In order to make sure that women get the most value out of their time spent at the club, the quality of the lessons and intensity of training is balanced between recreational and skillful exercises. The goal remains the same: to learn the fundamental concepts of the sport while also focussing on creating a safe and equitable space for women.
Ottawa Table Tennis Club Womens Group coaching
Participants have the option to approach the sessions with the end-goal of playing in competitions, or as an activity. In any case, the coach will align with the participant’s goals and provide specific instructions based on the same.

The Women’s Group is divided into two categories: beginner and intermediate. Both divisions are fluid in nature, however, if it is your first time receiving formal training for Table Tennis then it is recommended to sign-up for one beginner lesson, and the instructor will assess your skills and provide feedback regarding which group would be the best fit.
Once again, our goal at the Ottawa Table Tennis Club is to keep working towards building a safe space for women, as we stay committed to the fundamental pillars of equality!


Both intermediate and beginner groups are scheduled to meet the coach once a week for a 75-90 minutes lesson.



Sunday 12:30 AM - 2:00 PM

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