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Ottawa Table Tennis Club OTTC Children's Group
Children's Group
The Ottawa Table Tennis Club is proud to announce its flagship training program with the introduction of Table Tennis to 5-7 year olds. The future of the sport in Canada lies with the youth, and most importantly the youngest of the lot as they begin their journey to become prolific athletes!
Ages 5-7
Ottawa Table Tennis Club OTTC Children's Group
The goal behind introducing the sport at such a young age is to enhance and develop their cognitive abilities. As they slowly adjust into this new environment, learning the basic and fundamental skills of the sport becomes engraved in their muscle memory. The benefit of that lies in their ability to execute complex strokes and movements without realizing how unique their skill level is. At that age, the coach’s task is to make them focus, and keep them active.
The first step after the child’s introduction to group lessons is regularity. It is essential that regularity is maintained with training as children are extremely impressionable, and once they see everyone around them prioritizing Table Tennis, it becomes a part of their routine, and as well as a habit.
The second step is to slowly inculcate the ethics of teamwork and cooperation. Table Tennis is an individual sport, but the journey of any sportsperson is incomplete without a team. Within the boundaries of training, they learn to look out for each other, help one another and embody the essence of a sportsperson. During this time they continue to learn and improve upon their Table Tennis skills.

Finally, our role as coaches, mentors and instructors is to ensure that we are not only training them to become Table Tennis players, but also taking the responsibility to oversee their overall growth and development through the sport.

For tiny hands....

The OTTC understands that it can be difficult for tiny hands to hold and control a normal sized racket. So... if they are struggling, we have specially made smaller sized rackets just for them to use! The rubber is the same as on our normal rackets, simulating normal racket use. 
Ottawa Table Tennis Club OTTC Children's sized racket


The group is scheduled to meet once a week, for a 75 minutes training session with the coach.


Schedule and Pricing

Saturday 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM

Each session is $20.00 plus hst

Average group size is 5-8 kids

To help us better serve your training needs, don't hesitate to fill in our Coaching Request form.
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