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Social Play
Let's Play Ping Pong!
Ottawa Sport & Social Club (OSSC) 
Ottawa Sport & Social Club features Ping Pong as one of it's many activities. The fun takes place at the Ottawa Table Tennis Club on select evenings. 
The OTTC is proud to be a continuing partner of the OSSC, who continue to book league table time for their 19+ enthusiastic recreational and social players. The OSSC is a great place to meet people, interact, have fun, get in a bit of exercise and have a few laughs. Players who wish to focus more on the game can also transition over to being a member of the Ottawa Table Tennis Club, or even participate in both clubs.

More information about the OSSC ping pong league.
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Ottawa's Young and Adventurous Group 

Ping Ping Pong Pong!

Hosted by Shiqi

Great for players who:

  • want to come on your own

  • wants to meet others 

  • want to have fun

Venue is at the Ottawa Table Tennis Club

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