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Ottawa Table Tennis Club OTTC 2023 Summer Camp
As the kids get ready to enjoy the summer, we prepare to channel their enthusiasm towards the sport! In 2022, we were elated to have a group of 15 kids from 9-13 years of age for a 6 day camp.
2023 Summer Camps!
The summer camp is an avenue for the kids and parents to get introduced to the club. From past experience, most kids have not previously received formal training. In order to make sure that they are not overwhelmed, we begin with fun games and activities that focus on Table Tennis movements and hand-eye coordination. As they get more comfortable within the group, they are taught all the basic strokes of Table Tennis, how to direct the ball, as well as how to serve.

Last year, we had the privilege of many kids from the summer camp continuing at the club as part of the Youth Program, and eventually progressing to compete in tournaments. The Summer Camp, like the youth program promotes the same values of teamwork and collective learning. It is a great space for the kids to learn to play, and make new friends!

In 2023, Ottawa Table Tennis Club will be hosting 3 summer camps catered towards different age groups and skill levels.

Dates and Pricing

First Summer Camp 3rd - 7th July
Second Summer Camp 24th - 28th July

Third Summer Camp 7th -11th  August

Questions?  Send us a message! Or phone us at 613-238-6688

*Priority is given to kids from previous camps as well as the kids youth program.

Each week of camp is $243+hst

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