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Ontario OTTC February Challenge Tournament Results!

The Ottawa Table Tennis Club would like to share the results of this sanctioned event which took place on Saturday February 3rd.

Event results:

Division A

1. Rafael BRANDAO

2. ⁠Yueyi GE

3. ⁠Juan FELIZ

Division B

1. Kamel MUSTAFA

2. ⁠Dong LIU

3. ⁠David MCKASKLE

Division C

1. Viatcheslav KARPOV

2. ⁠Levi WANG

3. ⁠Thomas McLELLAN

Runners-Up (4th Position)

Division A: Todd SLEIGH

Division B: Novak KUKOLJ

Division C: John FORSYTHE

Congratulations to all winners and participants in making this tournament a successful event!

Photos of individual winners are located on the Ottawa Table Tennis Club website.

Full results of the tournament are located on the OTTA website.



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