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Weekday Daytime is Playtime!
       great for retirees and players available weekday daytimes

Why Table Tennis?
  1. Stay in shape and set some health goals.

  2. It is a safe, non contact sport.

  3. Improve hand-eye coordination and response-time

  4. Meet other table tennis enthusiasts.

  5. Play and look better at cruises/vacation!

  6. Reduce sedentary time at home

  7. Have fun, smile, and be part of a sport community!

Play up to 5 times a week!
  • Mon, Wed, Fri 

    • @11 AM; @1:15 PM; @3:30 PM​

  • Tuesday​

    • @1:15 PM; @3:30 PM​

  • Thursday​

    • 3:30 PM​



*plus hst

Weekday Daytime Plans
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