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Meet OTTC's Amazing Coach Victor...

Victor started playing Table tennis in his native country of Cameroon at the age of 10. As a junior player, he played at the regional and provincial levels with the South West Topspin Table Tennis Club in Buea, Cameroon. At the senior level, he played with the Elite Top 12 and the senior national team.

 Given he has always been passionate about sharing his game knowledge with friends and lovers of the sport of table tennis it is no surprise that he began coaching while still a student at University where he coached beginners and intermediate players. 

Coach Victor during a private lesson
Coach Victor during a private lesson

He later moved to Belgium, and played at the Belgian division B league with Arc en Ciel CTT. While there, he coached beginner, intermediate, and advanced players at Arc en Ciel CTT and MulTTiC Table Tennis Clubs. He then traveled to the United States where he coached at multiple clubs around New York State. He then moved to Ottawa in 2016 where he began coaching at the Ottawa Table Tennis Club (OTTC). Since then, he continues to enjoy and share his love of the sport and loves sharing his knowledge and experience with novice as well as experienced table tennis players. He is passionate about seeing others improve their game because of his guidance, and views coaching as a way to give back to the sport that he loves so much and wishes to continue inspiring others to get involved in the game.


Coach Victor providing detailed advice as to where the student should strike the ball
Coach Victor providing detailed advice as to where the student should strike the ball

In his spare time, with the help of the OTTC and other sources, he tries to help underprivileged table tennis students and players in his native Cameroon by gathering used rubbers and blades to send to them, since few are able to acquire such resources.


He is also passionate about designing and running the OTTC Clinic Series sessions which focuses on technique, tactics, game strategies and other aspects of the sport as well as organizes Ottawa Table Tennis Club’s free monthly coaching sessions.

You will surely want to keep an eye out for announcements regarding the Clinic Series sessions! For more information about these coaching sessions, private lessons or other available teaching opportunities, please email the OTTC at



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