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OTTC SPRING Championships 2020 



***OTTC/OTTA or any other provincial association's membership required.  Contact us for info 613-238-3232

Saturday (March 14) - Ontario Cup 

  • 9am to 12:30pm : CLASS 7 (U400)

  • 1pm to 4:30pm : CLASS 6 (U800)

  • 5pm to 8:30pm : CLASS 4 (U1600)

  • SUNDAY 6:30pm : CLASS 3 (U2000)

  • $40 for first event, $30 for second event

Sunday (March 15) - TEAMS of two  + Ontario Cup Class 3 (U2000)

  • 2 players per team

  • Progressive KO

  • Two divisions

  • 9am START - 5pm

  • $60 per team

Referee:  Marc Richard
Entry Deadline: March 12, 2020 
Enter by Phone (613) 238-3232
In Person at the OTTC
For info call (613) 238-3232


  • DHS D40+ Balls

  • DHS T1223 Tournament Tables

Match Information

  • Matches are Best 3 out of 5 games unless otherwise noted.

  • All games are to 11 points, win by 2.

  • Warm-up prior to each match is limited to 2 minutes only.

  • Matches must start promptly.

  • Matches are self-officiated, unless umpire is assigned.

****The entry fee does not cover a membership from the Ottawa Table Tennis Club, the Ontario Table Tennis Association or other provincial association. You are responsible for providing your player number prior to competition.  Need help?  Call us at 613-238-3232.


Team Competition Format

  • Registered teams will be grouped into up to 2 categories based on recent TTCan Rating. Teams with no rating will have an temporary rating assigned.

  • For groups with 3 or 4 teams the format is Round Robin

  • For groups with 5 to 8 teams, the format is Progressive Knock-Out

  • Players play singles and only play doubles for tie-break.

  • You are responsible for finding your partner. Partners of similar skill work best. Individual entries will not be accepted.

  • Match Order (Team AB vs Team XY)

  • 1 point per match. Team match ends once first team reaches 3 points.

  • A v X (1v1)

  • B v Y (1v1)

  • A v Y (1v1)

  • B v X (1v1)

  • A-B v X-Y (doubles, play for tie-break only)

Photos & Video

  • Players authorize the use of photos taken during the competition in social media and web content.


Equipment & Courts

  • Court Size:

    • 14’W x 30’L (6 table setup for U400, U800, U1600, and teams)

  • Floor: Blue Table Tennis Floor - same as used at the 2015 Toronto PanAm Games


All Participants

  • Aim to arrive 15 minutes before your match start time.

    • Players arriving after the start time, may forfeit one or all of their matches.

  • Attire:

    • No white or Yellow shirts are to be worn during matches.

    • Wear indoor shoes with non-marking soles

  • Are to respect the ethical code of the OTTA as well as the by-laws of the ITTF

  • Are responsible for settling their registration 72 hours after registration.

  • Registrations are refundable only until the registration deadline.  Waitlist allowed, first paid first served.

  • Players who do not show up will have to pay an administrative fee of $20 in order to be able to register again in one of the competitions run by the OTTC.

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