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Referee:  DAVE LAU
Entry Deadline: September 26, 2019 (waitlist allowed, first payment first served)
Enter by Phone (613) 238-3232
In Person at the OTTC
For info call (613) 238-3232

Individual + DOUBLES Events Format (U400 (CLASS 7) and U1600 (CLASS 4) + DOUBLES

  • 8 players or fewer: Giant Round Robin

  • 9-16/24 players : RR + Progressive KO

  • 3 matches guaranteed.

  • DOUBLES seeding based on combined rating (most recently available)


  • DHS 40+ Balls

  • DHS T1223 Tournament Tables

Match Information

  • Matches are Best 3 out of 5 games unless otherwise noted.

  • All games are to 11 points, win by 2.

  • Warm-up prior to each match is limited to 2 minutes only.

  • Matches must start promptly.

  • Matches are self-officiated, unless umpire is assigned.

Photos & Video

  • Players authorize the use of photos taken during the competition in social media and web content.


For Players Registering into Multiple Events

  • You may register into up to 2 singles events and 1 team event.

  • With the exception of the upgrade rule,

    • Rated players must choose the categories that best fit their May 1st 2018 rating.

    • Players in 2 events, must choose events that are adjacent by skill.

Tournament Guide

New Players/Unrated Players Choosing an Event

  • Players who have not yet played in a sanctioned tournament will not have rating points. Then it is up to that player to choose the category that best suits their ability.  This guide may help you decide:

  • Individual Events

    • U400 (Class 7) – entry level category. Most players will fit here.

    • U800 (Class 6) – intermediate ability to create/return spins and plays regularly.

    • U1600 (Class 4) – advanced technical skills with superior power and consistency.

    • U18 - For players born in 2003 or after (U18 means UNDER 18)

    • U15 - For players born in 2000 or after (U15 means UNDER 15)

    • O40 - For players born in 1978 or before (O40 means OVER 40)


Equipment & Courts

  • Court Size:

    • 14’W x 30’L (6 table setup for U400, U800, U1600, and teams)

  • Floor: Blue Table Tennis Floor - same as used at the 2015 Toronto PanAm Games


All Participants

  • Aim to arrive 15 minutes before your match start time.

    • Players arriving after the start time, may forfeit one or all of their matches.

  • Attire:

    • No white or Yellow shirts are to be worn during matches.

    • Wear indoor shoes with non-marking soles

  • Are to respect the ethical code of the OTTA as well as the by-laws of the ITTF

  • Are responsible for settling their registration 72 hours after registration.

  • Registrations are refundable only until the registration deadline.  Waitlist allowed, first paid first served.

  • Players who do not show up will have to pay an administrative fee of $20 in order to be able to register again in one of the competitions run by the OTTC.

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