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National Capital Region Table Tennis League

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The National Capital Region Table Tennis League is sanctioned by the Ontario Table Tennis Association. 


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All players abide by the ITTF rules of table tennis.  
Venue: Ottawa Table Tennis Club, 18 Louisa St Gym 240.
Schedule:  From October 2022 to end of May 2023
When to play:  Matches are weeknights at 7:30PM and weekends. Approximately 3 hours per team match.
Format: 12X Team double round robin
How to register?  Register here or in person at the Ottawa Table Tennis Club

Tournament Director:  Peter Blackman
Tournament Organizer: Steve Lambruschini, OTTC
Advisor Committee: Stephane Charbonneau
*The schedule will be flexible.  The captains can contact each other to reschedule a match.  You MUST let the organizers know about any changes in the schedule.  

  • DHS D40 3 star ball
  • DHS Competition Tables