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OTTC House League
National Capital Region Table Tennis League










The National Capital Region Table Tennis League is sanctioned by the Ontario Table Tennis Association. 

This league is underway as of September 2022.

Memos to Participants

  1. Participant Memo #1 (September 18 2022)

  2. Ontario Table Tennis Membership Validation

All players abide by the ITTF rules of table tennis.  
Venue: Ottawa Table Tennis Club, 18 Louisa St Gym 240.
Schedule:  From October 2022 to end of May 2023
Format: 12X Team double round robin

Tournament Director:  Peter Blackman
Tournament Organizer: Steve Lambruschini, OTTC
Advisor Committee: Stephane Charbonneau

  • DHS D40 3 star ball
  • DHS Competition Tables
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