COVID-19 UPDATE - June 4, 2020


About the re-opening.

This is what you've been waiting for!

The OTTC is getting ready to re-open on the evening of June 10.

Since our club is affiliated with the Ontario Table Tennis Association, we are able to open under certain conditions. This is subject to revision or cancelation at any time. Other activities (group and individual coaching) will be added progressively. 

What will be different?

Until further notice, we will open with 4 tables (8 players) on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays only with three open practice session of two hours each:

4 - 6pm
6 - 8pm
8 - 10pm

No unannounced drop in allowed. If you are not booked, please do not enter the building. If you are up for renewal, you will be asked to renew.

We will not sell annual or monthly packages. Only Open Practice passes until further notice.

One Open Practice pass per time slot. You will be on a waitlist for one adjacent time slot at no extra charge.

If you cancel less than 2 hours prior to your booking, we will apply your open practice pass.

Max 8 players per 2 hour slot

We will not have spare rackets.

Respect distance of 2 meters.

No ball pickers

No showers or change room, only use washrooms

No doubles

No crossing courts to pick up balls, other players will throw or kick it to you

No spectators, only one parent or guardian for kids under 18.

You can specify you or your partner as the one who will be touching the balls.

Avoid touching the table at all times, this includes wiping your hand near the net


What we will do

Clean tables every changeover and touch areas

Provide balls soaked in water and soap and rotate them every time slot.

We will have LIMITED hand sanitizer


What we expect from you

Accept and follow the new rules and conditions


Exit through the emergency doors if possible to avoid getting in close contact with the new arriving group.

Wash your hands before 20 seconds

Wash/soak the balls during breaks

Bring your own hand sanitizer

Book your sessions and arrange a partner (who also has to be a member). 

Bring your own racket and equipment.

Balls : use soaked/washed club balls.

How to book your two hour slot?

1. Through the Memberme+ application. (We will show you how it works)
2. Emailing
3. Calling 613-238-3232

Please note that we will take bookings as we receive them. First receive, first come. There will be only 8 spots available for each two hour slot.





COVID-19 UPDATE - May 20

We need to stay closed a little longer...

A lot of us are eager to start table tennis again at the OTTC.  Believe me, so are we.

Ontario has extended the order for closure of establishments until May 29.  Facilities that provide indoor recreational programs are included.

You can check it out here.  You can also check all emergency orders here.

Of course, there is a possibility that they extend this come May 29.

We do want to re-open, but at the same time we want to do the right thing and not contribute to the spread of the virus.  Many doctors, nurses, health givers and health officials have worked tremendously hard to keep us safe in the last two months.  It is not the time to make it worse for them, and for us.

As soon as we are permitted to, and that it is safe for everyone at OTTC, we will re-open..... and we will want you to know about it.

A lot of you might have seen on the news that activities such as ping pong can resume.  That's great news! Unfortunately, we are looking to re-open an indoor recreational facility where many players can meet up and play under the same roof.

Will we re-open? Yes
When will it be? We don't know yet
Will it be different? It will most likely will
Will it be fun? You bet

COVID-19 UPDATE - March 30

The OTTC will remain CLOSED for an undetermined amount of time.

As most of you are following the news, it comes with no surprise that we need to stay closed due to the state of emergency in Ontario and Ottawa. 

Gatherings of more than five people are not permitted in Ontario and non-essential business such as the OTTC are required to stay closed. 

We will inform you when we will open again.

COVID-19 UPDATE - March 17

Please note that following the decision of declaring state of emergency in Ontario by the Ontario Premier, the Ottawa Table Tennis Club will be closed until March 30th, subject to revision/extension.

Although we took all health and hygiene measures recommended by health officials such as:

- social distancing (less tables, more distance)
- limiting numbers (we limited access to only 12 members)
- provide hand sanitizer, soap and cleaning products
- strict hygiene guidelines

This is now not enough.  As little as the risks were, it is now not worth taking.

We need to play a part in the solution rather than find ourselves contributing to the problem, even with all precautions we have taken.  We now need to go from near zero risk to no risk at all.

I hope everybody understands and will come back... with a smash! (pun DEFINITELY intended :) )

And remember, no toilet paper is worth fighting over.


COVID-19 UPDATE - March 16

As of today, we will take special measures to comply with health and hygiene recommendations regarding the COVID-19 situation.

Until further notice, we remain open during regular hours.  We will update you with any changes by email or here.

GROUP COACHING is postponed until March 30th, subject to be revised/extended

PRIVATE COACHING is cancelled until March 30th, subject to be revised/extended

TOURNAMENTS and NCRTT LEAGUE are postponed until April 5th as per Ontario Table Tennis Association's decision to suspend all activities until April 5th.

Seniors 55+ NTOFG program on Thursday is postponed.  The last two sessions will be announced later in April.


If you are sick, please stay home.  

If you, or someone you've been in contact with, have COVID-19 symptoms such as cough, fever or trouble breathing, even if mild, please stay home.


If you have traveled outside the country recently, please stay home.

You are not sure?  Please stay home.

We will not accept any new players.

Currently, we have 6 tables and no robot.  Please keep your distance of 1 to 2 meters from other players.

We will limit the players to 12 at any time.  Please call before you come.  We will put you in a 90 minute time slot.

Wash your hands before coming in and after you leave, and anytime in between.  We have hand sanitizer and soap on site.


We may be ordered to close at any day, any time.

If anyone doesn't follow these guidelines, we will have no choice but to close for the remainder of the day with no compensation/reimbursement for all present.  

We are counting on everyone's collaboration.


By Appointment Only


4:00 p.m.–10:00 p.m.

(click here for details)

free parking at 3:45pm 

PARKING TAG REQUIRED (inquire at desk)


Opening gradually for open practice and coaching


18 Louisa St., #240
Ottawa, ON  K1R 6Y6

Tel: 613-238-3232

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