Please sign and date, then bring it on the day of your visit
  1. Booking your session



In order to limit the number of participants at OTTC, we require that you book your OPEN PRACTICE SESSION using our online portal.  Every member can request an invitation to create their username and password to access their portal by sending us a note at  In addition to make bookings, members can purchase OPEN PRACTICE passes, see invoices (past or present), see their schedules and more.



Private coaching bookings will be made with a club attendant.



            During the Covid-19 emergency status, we will only offer OPEN PRACTICE passes.  If you wish to participate in more than one OPEN PRACTICE SESSION, you will be waitlisted for adjacent bookings.  For example, if you book a session at 4pm and again at 6pm, you will be waitlisted for the 6pm session to allow the opportunity for other players to book a session.  You will only be charge for one pass.  If you insist on keeping two or more time slots, please contact us.



            You can book an OPEN PRACTICE SESSION up to 15 minutes before the start of the session and can cancel a session two hours before the start of the session.  If we do not receive a cancellation notice through the online portal, we will mark you as NO SHOW and take one pass.  We will not take bookings or cancellation by email, phone or in person.



            You can invite a guest with pre paid drop in through the portal.  Please contact us.  Booking guests are not guaranteed.  We will reserve the right to refuse guests.  



2. Getting to the club

We recommend that you prepare all your equipment in a sports bag, including shoes, jacket and all your belongings in order to be prepared to exit through the emergency doors.  


3. Entering the club


Masks are mandatory to enter the building and the gym.

We recommend that you arrive as ready as possible.  Use of change room is limited to one person per change room.  

Please bring all your belongings in your bag and keep them inside your court.  This is to avoid going out the front doors while a new group is coming in.

You will be required to sign an updated waiver of liability (if not already signed) and a daily attestation to enter our room.

Please practice social distancing.  There is plenty of space.

You might see a sign on the table that says “STOP, A CLUB ATTENDANT WILL COME CLEAN THE TABLE”.  Our product is approved by health authorities and takes 10 minutes to take effect.  Please be patient and do not clean the table yourself.

After all players arrived, the doors will be closed and locked to the public.


4. During practice

Any person who enters or uses the facility must maintain a physical distance of at least two meters from any other person.


Spectators are not allowed with the exception of one accompanying parent, guardian or adult for each athlete under the age of 18.


We limit the use of ball pickers for private coaching.  They will be disinfected for each use.


Chairs on the sidelines must remain 2 meters apart. Please do not move them.


Avoid changing table sides.


Keep your hands clean.




5. Leaving the club

To let another group in, we need to end 10 minutes prior.  You might be asked to exit through our back doors to avoid meeting the new group coming in.