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Discover the Club
At the OTTC, it's about you. 

We offer top level training for anyone interested in learning table tennis or improving their skills no matter the level. Let us help you choose a program that is suited to your needs.
The Ottawa Table Tennis Club offers many opportunities for competition from beginner/intermediate to advanced levels. We can help find the right fit for you.

Once a member, you can sign up for playing in our weekly weekend House League at the Intermediate Level. Top 2 players can them move up to our Advanced B Level. We also have an Advanced A Level for  top players. 
If you enjoy competition, the Ottawa Table Tennis Club encourages all of our members of all levels to try out the Quebec Circuit in Montreal which play most every month (announcements are made).

Again, all levels are welcome to meet other players, have fun and participate in the action.

There are also regular competitions in Toronto that are open for play.
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