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Monday JANUARY 21st

Session 1: 6pm to 7pm

Session 2: 8:30pm to 9:30pm

A well-balanced life is what we all strive for, but finding that “just right” combination also requires a routine of cardiovascular exercise.


Most people are looking for fun workouts that combine aerobic movement, sport, and music. Aerobic Table Tennis (the brainchild of England’s Steve Rowe) has seamlessly created this combination with a unique and innovative exercise solution no matter your gender, age, limitation, or level of expertise at the sport itself. 

Aerobic Table Tennis is a fitness activity for both children and adults. Sessions are also delivered to older adults over 50. 


Music is played to create a high energy zone.


Participants not only keep fit, but also learn all the basics of table tennis, which includes movement and table tennis stroke techniques.


The sessions are fun and exciting.


Some of the drills are akin to shadow practice like in boxing, but the sessions are table tennis specific aerobic exercises (both on and off the table).


Music is played to help you get into a high energy zone and amped for the agility speed ladders, small hurdles and cones, footwork drills, and drills with table tennis equipment.


What makes this routine so universal is that even beginners can experience the intense cardio workout of an elite athlete through movement simulation without the ball. Then eventually the ball is introduced adding a cognitive aspect to the exercises.


Aerobic Table Tennis truly allows the amateur to experience a professional workout.

It has also been adapted by fitness centers, table tennis clubs, colleges, and school physical education programs as a main part of their curriculum.



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