Seniors MeetUP!
Fall in love with the game again!


This program is for seniors 55 and up.    We meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm to enjoy a few games of table tennis!  The levels vary from total beginner to intermediate.  We even have a few advanced players on the roster.


Make new friends, have fun, live well, and find your place in the wonderful world of table tennis!


**Please arrive in your sportswear and clean, non-marking court shoes.  If you need equipment, please visit our OTTC Pro Shop to make sure you have the best! 

Tuesday & Thursday 1-2pm: Controlling the Ball & Rallying with a Partner (for beginner to intermediate players)
LEVEL 1: Controlling the Ball with the Racket using the Shakehand Grip

  • Develop the co-ordination required to control the ball off-and-on the table and serve the ball.

  • Practice simple cooperative exercises with a partner or our Newgy Table Tennis Robot. 

  • Learn about the rules of the game and the qualities of equipment used in table tennis.  

LEVEL 2: Hitting Drive Strokes, Blocking, and Rules of the Game

  • Learn the rallying skills of driving the ball and blocking the ball.  

  • Perform drills that practice the forehand and backhand drive stroke. 

  • Learn about timing (when to hit the ball)

  • Impart spin on the ball: topspin, backspin, sidespin


Tuesday & Thursday 2-3pm: Controlling Spin & Establishing Good Footwork (for intermediate to advanced players)
LEVEL 3: Creating spin and moving from ready position to ball strike.
  • Learn footwork movements to get from the ready position to ball strike.

  • Learn to feed the ball to your partner for drill practice.

  • Improve timing by linking strokes.

  • Develop consistency with the control stroke while moving with correct footwork.

LEVEL 4: Making Better Quality Shots & Advanced Strokes
  • Learn the topspin stroke and push stroke against both topspin and backspin.  

  • Continue to improve on movement with advanced drill exercises

  • Initiate a rally using the loop against backspin push.

  • Increase consistency of ball speed, spin, and placement.


1. Stay in shape and set some health goals.

2. It is a safe/non contact sport.

3. Excellent for eye-hand coordination and psycho-motor skills.

4. It's an affordable sport!

5. Get out of the house, meet more people and like-minded enthousiasts.

6. Play and look better at cruises/vacation!

7. Less tv or computer time.

**with an annual membership



10:00 a.m.–10:00 p.m.

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free parking after 5pm 

PARKING TAG REQUIRED (inquire at desk)


10:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m. 

free parking

PARKING TAG REQUIRED (inquire at desk)


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